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May 17, 2017

Doug arrived in Brighton last week on Monday the 8th May and I joined him on the Tuesday. We spent the day seeing the sights and dispersing our flyers throughout the city and took in a few shows at the Warren! Our performance space was lovely- it was actually 3 shipping containers stuck together but once inside you were transported to a lovely black box studio theatre. As the days progressed and the performance date neared we...

April 17, 2017

Since the last post I met local director Kathryn King at a movement workshop/ audition that we both attended as spectators. I pitched our show to her and she seemed  interested in getting involved with Put the Book Down and the further development of 'Mine'. We arranged a meeting between myself, Doug and her and have come to the conclusion that it would be great to work with her ( She's lovely). We have also been involved as...

February 17, 2017

It's been a while since our last post and we have both been off doing various projects over Christmas as performers in our own right. Tom started at Oxford School of Acting and myself and Doug have been involved in a number of projects. I did a devised version of Treasure Island with Lamphouse Theatre and Doug took on a role + created the music for a children's show called 'The Nose That Nobody Picked'. As well as that we hav...

September 1, 2016

So we have just finished the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and wow! What a whirlwind ! We arrived at the beginning of the month with wide eyes and bushy tales and an opportunity to do what we loved. We couldn't quite have anticipated what happened after our first few performances though. I was still feeling nervous and after the first show ( 5 in our audience) we were congratulated and told we were on to something special. It's t...

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